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All You Ever Wanted To Know About Electrical Engineering

All You Ever Wanted To Know About Electrical Engineering

electrical engineeringWe see so many electrical items around and wonder how these were made. Imagine a life without these electrical things and we would be back in the dark ages. These electrical and electronic equipments have made our life so much easier. And, this is where Electrical Engineering comes into picture.

About Electrical Engineering

This form of engineering involves working on components and devices that makes use of electricity, electronics and also magnetism. Thousands of components are integrated for providing special functionalities.

And, this engineering has been divided into various other subfields such as Computers, Electronics, automobiles, Telecommunications, and Instrumentation etc. The Engineers develop the electrical equipments after doing a lot of design work, developing, testing and supervising of the manufacture.

In addition, these equipments might include electric motors, lighting, wiring, aircraft, power generation, automobiles and transmission devices. With prices of fuels touching the sky and the availability becoming lesser and lesser, alternative means for power generation is also the responsibility of the electrical engineers.

Scope of Electrical Engineering

As almost everything these days are made up of electrical fittings, the scope of this form of engineering is quite wide. They design and manufacture the microchips, develop generators for power stations, develop the integrate circuits which are integral for the computers, develop mobile phones, trains, aircrafts, cars, televisions, audio-visual systems etc.

So, with such a wide scope, it has a major impact on the public health and welfare, environment, transportation, quality of life, computing etc. Their work is sometimes intertwined with other branches of Engineering. They are the key people who help in designing the hardware for the computers.

Career prospects for Electrical Engineers

For people who have done Engineering in Electricals, there are so many options for employment.

  • They have a huge demand in the Telecommunications sector. There are various kinds of communication systems such as telephones, satellite communication, broadcasting, Internet etc. and the Electrical Engineers help in developing devices for the communication systems.
  • Another area where Electrical Engineers are sought is the Energy and Power. It involves the generation of power using various methods such as hydro, turbine, solar, wind energy, fuel and geothermal. Also, this power that is generated needs to be distributed to the various consumers. And, this is again done with the help of transmission lines, electric motors, batteries and relays.

  • The most important role of Electrical Engineering is seen in the computers and semiconductors industry. With computers becoming smaller and smaller, the role of integrated circuits is also increasing. And, the chips have to be more efficient and faster so that the computing can be economical and beneficial. And, the semiconductors are also used in aircrafts, cars and even refrigerators.
  • There is also growing demand in the aerospace sector where they help in developing navigation systems, communication devices, displays etc.

We cannot cover all the areas in this article but the gist of the matter is that Electrical Engineering is all encompassing and is used in almost all the sectors in the world.

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